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Indonesian Folklore

Indonesian Folklore can be described as Indonesian traditional art, literature, knowledge, and practices that are passed on in large part through oral communication and example.

Folktales are a part of folklore. Indonesian Folktales were told orally through many generations. The stories has not been proven to be real or not. These tales are part of their background and their daily lives. (Read more)

We can find moral of the story of Bawang Merah and Bawang Putih. We can also learn about the name of Cianjur City come from Ci means water and anjur from the word anjuran. It means suggestion.

By keeping these old folktales alive, the next generations will know the stories and learn the wonderful meanings behind them.

Indonesian Folklore Popular Indonesian Folklore: The Legend of Surabaya, The Golden Cucumber,Garlic and Red Onion, The Monkey and The Princess, The Golden Snail, The Legend of Good Smell River, Jaka Tarub and Nawang Wulan, The Faithful Tiger, Cindelaras Rooster, Colorful Lake
dance Indonesian Folk Dances: The Legend of Ponorogo Dance, The Legend of Guel Dance, The Legend of Pattuddu Dance, Gundala-Gundala Dance, The Twin Masks


Islands, Mountains, Rocks and Caves: The Legend of Senua Island, The Legend of Nusa Island, The Legend of Kemaro Island, The Legend of Pinang Mountain, Ki Semar and Slamet Mountain


Animals: The Legend of Komodo Dragon, The Mouse Deer and the Turtle, The Stupid Crocodile, A Lesson for the Tiger, Mouse Deer and Tiger, The Tiger and Durian, The New King, The Broken-hearted Peacock, The Turtle and the Eagle, My Mother is a Cat, A Monkey and a Bird, The stupid Dog, Wuwung Sewe and The Crocodile

Folklore from Provinces of Indonesia: Aceh | Bali | Bangka Belitung | Banten | Batam | Bengkulu | Central Java | Central Kalimantan | Central Sulawesi | East Java | East Kalimantan | Nusa Tenggara | Gorontalo | Jambi | Lampung | Maluku | North Sulawesi | North Sumatra | Papua | Riau | South Kalimantan | South Sulawesi | | South Sumatra | Southeast Sulawesi | West Java | West Kalimantan | West Nusa Tenggara | West Sulawesi | West Sumatra | Yogyakarta |

Animal Stories

Kancil or Mouse Deer is one of the most popular animal story in Indonesian Folklore. Mouse deer usually portrayed as a clever animal that tricked other animals to fulfill its needs.

Other famous tale is Keong Mas or Golden Snail, The Golden Snail theatre at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is one of the best theatre in Indonesia.

The mythical animal such as Dragon and Garuda. Garuda is the national symbol of Indonesia.

Other animal originally from this country such as Komodo Dragon and Javanese Tiger also part of Indonesian Folklore. Read More>>

The Legend of Ruai Bird

Sun and Moon: Jangga Hatuen Bulan, The Curse of Joko Bandung

Flowers: The Legend of Lotus, The Legend of Kemuning Flower

Rivers, Lakes and Ponds: The Legend of Laut Tawar Lake, Telaga Warna, The Legend of Blue Pond

City, Kingdoms and Temples: The Legend of Jambi Kingdom, A Test for the King, Princess Tandampalik, The Story of Pari Temple, Cianjur, The Legend of Surabaya, Prince Pade Gelang



Keong Mas theater
Keong Emas Imax Theatre, TMII (photo source: